1. The CIGNAL PLAY and your viewing device registered/enrolled[1] to the CIGNAL PLAY service (which is hereafter referred to as "Viewing Device") provide you with a method of accessing, through the CIGNAL PLAY user interface, programmes, films and other audiovisual or audio content, applications, information and/or services (called "Content" in these Terms) on your Viewing Device.

    2. Because of the way the CIGNAL PLAY is set up:

      1. Your Viewing Device, its functions and features is the responsibility of the manufacturer and subject to the manufacturer's usage policy; 

      2. CIGNAL TV will only provide you with a method of accessing Content on your Viewing Device via the CIGNAL PLAY user interface;

      3. Content you receive via the CIGNAL PLAY is made available to you by CIGNAL TV or by other people (which CIGNAL TV call "Content Providers" in these Terms), and such Content Providers are responsible for the scheduling and availability of any and all Content on the CIGNAL PLAY .


    1. CIGNAL TV and you: By signing up to use the CIGNAL PLAY service and agreeing to these Terms, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with CIGNAL TV , and accept full responsibility for use by you, anyone else in your household, and any third party, of your Viewing Device and/or the CIGNAL PLAY received through your Viewing Device. If you do not agree to these Terms, your permission to access or use the CIGNAL PLAY service is automatically and immediately revoked and you must discontinue use of the CIGNAL PLAY immediately. In these Terms, "CIGNAL TV, Inc.", "CIGNAL TV" or "our" refers to CIGNAL TV, Inc. , and "you" or "your" refers to you as the user of the CIGNAL PLAY.


    1. What these Terms and Conditions cover: These Terms and Conditions cover our provision of and your access to and use of the CIGNAL PLAY.

    2. Changes to the Terms: From time to time CIGNAL TV may make changes to the Terms (whether to these Terms and Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy), when it is necessary to do so, for example to reflect any changes to the CIGNAL PLAY (see paragraph 8 below) and/or any other changes that are necessary to meet legal or regulatory requirements. We will update the Terms as necessary. Please check from time to time to see if there have been any changes. Where it is necessary for CIGNAL TV to do so, CIGNAL TV will obtain your specific consent to any changes. Where it is not necessary to obtain your specific consent to any changes, your continued use of the CIGNAL PLAY will be taken as consent to such changes.

    3. Other terms

      1. New services: From time to time CIGNAL TV may offer new services through the CIGNAL PLAY. New terms may apply to these services and any changes to these Terms will be dealt with as described in paragraph 3.2 above. If there is any conflict between these Terms and any new terms, the new terms will prevail.

      2. Terms of Content Providers: Because you can access via the CIGNAL PLAY, Content that is made available by Content Providers, the terms and the pricing (if any) which apply to the Content shall be determined by Cignal TV. In addition to the pricing and payment of any charges, you must comply with any terms required by Content Providers (in addition to these Terms and Conditions) when you access the Content. 


    1. To use the CIGNAL PLAY, you must agree to our Privacy Policy. Please read our Privacy Policy, which can be found at http://cignalplay.com to find out how CIGNAL TV may use your personal information.

    2. When you access Content the content provider who is providing that Content may have a privacy policy, which will apply to that content provider's use of your personal information.

  5. CIGNAL TV Services Applied or Purchased through CIGNAL PLAY

    1. Should you wish to apply for a new service or upgrade to your existing subscription, you may accomplish your application online. However, your application for new service or subscription upgrade shall be subject to your submission of certain requirements to CIGNAL TV, the availability of CIGNAL TV’s facilities to provide the service or subscription upgrade, and to CIGNAL TV’s evaluation of your application.

    2. You shall be notified if your application for new service has been approved and will be provided with instructions regarding payments prior to service activation or subscription upgrade implementation.

    3. When you are subscribed to a particular subscription plan that is valid for a certain period of time, you will be able to upgrade to a higher subscription even if that period has not yet expired and higher subscription may take effect immediately. While this is possible, you understand that no refund, credit, rebate, or anything similar to that would be given to you as a consequence of such upgrade.